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Avalon: Between Earth and Sky CD

Avalon: Between Earth and Sky CD

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by Diane Arkenstone and David Arkenstone

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Avalon: Between Earth and Sky', is a gorgeous Neo Classical album. This magical story tells the tale of a beautiful young queen and her sudden rise to power. Magnificently orchestrated with live guitar, vocals, keyboards, mandolin, penny whistle, strings and flute, Avalon: Between Earth and Sky, will transport you back to that mystical realm.

Track List
1. She Reigns Through Tears
2. The Crystal Shores
3. If a Heart Could Speak
4. A Queen Reborn
5. The Power and the Throne
6. The Witch of Cymraeg
7. Love Through the Ages
8. The White Enchantress
9. Heaven Unveiled
10. Snows of Avalon
11. The White Stallion
12. A Thousand Candles
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